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Can’t Believe I’m doing this… January 8, 2009

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  Jeff Cannell Listened to this in 2008 and Enjoyed Himself!

Playlist Notes: How egotistical to think anyone would care–But here it is.

Peace and Joy to all.

Song Name   Artist
BBC Radiophonic Workshop   The Magnetic Fields
Scenic World   Beirut
Wishing Well   Love Is All
Espiral   Cineplexx
Xavier Says   The Magnetic Fields
Don’t Do Anything   Sam Phillips
An Old Familiar Scene   Elf Power
Last Choice   Love Is All
If   House of Heroes
Energy   The Apples In Stereo
The Midnight Choir   The Thrills
California Girls   The Magnetic Fields
Freeway   Aimee Mann
His Mister’s Pet Whistles   Major Organ And The Adding Machine
Nantes   Beirut
White & Nerdy (Parody of “Ridin'”)   “Weird Al” Yankovic

Let’s give this another go February 16, 2008

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  • Thank You Eugene Peterson 
  • Crazy Day Today: Lunch with Mike Edwards, Rich Fout, John Zappin, Darren Hoover, and Myself– Roosters could hardly contain us. 
  • Afterwords got to hang out with Dave Nixon for 30 minutes while he was taking a breather from a road trip.   
  • This afternoon we honored the short life of Beatrix Clementine Baxter at Cooper Road Vineyard. It has a heartbreaking but beautiful service. Nothing underlines the brokeness of our world more than parents burying their children. As a parent I cannot imagine a greater horror. It was clear that Christ is holding Austin and Maggie together on this one. Jesus Christ have mercy. 
  • Ian gave himself a haircut- hopefully we can get to Longview Barber Shop tomorrow to Have Jeremy Nicklaus (Super-Barber) work his magic to fix Ian’s handy-work.  
  • Tonight spent 60 minutes in the bathtub reading Genesis 3:1-10 (per Eugene Peterson): What separated humankind from intimacy from God? According to this passage it was our desire to know it all right now. Our desire for the power that comes from knowing everything. Knowledge of all the good and bad of everything-instantly.What was God’s intention- A lifelong experience of relationship with him where their is always opportunity to learn, to love, to know him more. Every day a new revelation of the love and character of God awaits. New discoveries to be found, new mysteries to uncover, new songs to sing, more time to spend.But we humans want to know it all now. We want the power that this knowledge brings. Relationship be damned! (quite literally)With humanity’s pathetic attempt at instant power/instant knowledge the rift began. Insecurity landed on the planet earth. Humanity is naked-hiding, afraid to let God in.  We can’t stand mystery– we fear relationship.But God wont be charted, categorized, framed, or defined. He wants us. Knowledge will come… but it comes over a lifetime, and keeps coming in life after life after death. Jesus forgive me for making you academic while hiding from you.  

Three Questions December 1, 2007

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One day it occurred to a certain emperor that if he only knew the answers to three questions, he would never stray in any matter.

What is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? What is the most important thing to do at all times?

The emperor issued a decree throughout his kingdom announcing that whoever could answer the questions would receive a great reward. Many who read the decree made their way to the palace at once, each person with a different answer.

In reply to the first question, one person advised that the emperor make up a thorough time schedule, consecrating every hour, day, month, and year for certain tasks and then follow the schedule to the letter. Only then could he hope to do every task at the right time.

Another person replied that it was impossible to plan in advance and that the emperor should put all vain amusements aside and remain attentive to everything in order to know what to do at what time.

Someone else insisted that, by himself, the emperor could never hope to have all the foresight and competence necessary to decide when to do each and every task and what he really needed was to set up a Council of the Wise and then to act according to their advice.

Someone else said that certain matters required immediate decision and could not wait for consultation, but if he wanted to know in advance what was going to happen he should consult magicians and soothsayers.

The responses to the second question also lacked accord.

One person said that the emperor needed to place all his trust in administrators, another urged reliance on priests and monks, while others recommended physicians. Still others put their faith in warriors.

The third question drew a similar variety of answers. Some said science was the most important pursuit. Others insisted on religion. Yet others claimed the most important thing was military skill.


The emperor was not pleased with any of the answers, and no reward was given.

After several nights of reflection, the emperor resolved to visit a hermit who lived up on the mountain and was said to be an enlightened man. The emperor wished to find the hermit to ask him the three questions, though he knew the hermit never left the mountains and was known to receive only the poor, refusing to have anything to do with persons of wealth or power. So the emperor disguised himself as a simple peasant and ordered his attendants to wait for him at the foot of the mountain while he climbed the slope alone to seek the hermit.

Reaching the holy man’s dwelling place, the emperor found the hermit digging a garden in front of his hut. When the hermit saw the stranger, he nodded his head in greeting and continued to dig. The labor was obviously hard on him. He was an old man, and each time he thrust his spade into the ground to turn the earth, he heaved heavily.

The emperor approached him and said, “I have come here to ask your help with three questions: When is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? What is the most important thing to do at all times?”

The hermit listened attentively but only patted the emperor on the shoulder and continued digging. The emperor said, “You must be tired. Here, let me give you a hand with that.” The hermit thanked him, handed the emperor the spade, and then sat down on the ground to rest.

After he had dug two rows, the emperor stopped and turned to the hermit and repeated his three questions. The hermit still did not answer, but instead stood up and pointed to the spade and said, “Why don’t you rest now? I can take over again.” But the emperor continued to dig. One hour passed, then two. Finally the sun began to set behind the mountain. The emperor put down the spade and said to the hermit, “I came here to ask if you could answer my three questions. But if you can’t give me any answer, please let me know so that I can get on may way home.”

The hermit lifted his head and asked the emperor, “Do you hear someone running over there?” The emperor turned his head. They both saw a man with a long white beard emerge from the woods. He ran wildly, pressing his hands against a bloody wound in his stomach. The man ran toward the emperor before falling unconscious to the ground, where he lay groaning. Opening the man’s clothing, the emperor and hermit saw that the man had received a deep gash. The emperor cleaned the wound thoroughly and then used his own shirt to bandage it, but the blood completely soaked it within minutes. He rinsed the shirt out and bandaged the wound a second time and continued to do so until the flow of blood had stopped.

At last the wounded man regained consciousness and asked for a drink of water. The emperor ran down to the stream and brought back a jug of fresh water. Meanwhile, the sun had disappeared and the night air had begun to turn cold. The hermit gave the emperor a hand in carrying the man into the hut where they laid him down on the hermit’s bed. The man closed his eyes and lay quietly. The emperor was worn out from the long day of climbing the mountain and digging the garden. Leaning against the doorway, he fell asleep. When he rose, the sun had already risen over the mountain. For a moment he forgot where he was and what he had come here for. He looked over to the bed and saw the wounded man also looking around him in confusion. When he saw the emperor, he stared at him intently and then said in a faint whisper, “Please forgive me.”

“But what have you done that I should forgive you?” the emperor asked.

“You do not know me, your majesty, but I know you. I was your sworn enemy, and I had vowed to take vengeance on you, for during the last war you killed my brother and seized my property. When I learned that you were coming alone to the mountain to meet the hermit, I resolved to surprise you on your way back to kill you. But after waiting a long time there was still no sign of you, and so I left my ambush in order to seek you out. But instead of finding you, I came across your attendants, who recognized me, giving me this wound. Luckily, I escaped and ran here. If I hadn’t met you I would surely be dead by now. I had intended to kill you, but instead you saved my life! I am ashamed and grateful beyond words. If I live, I vow to be your servant for the rest of my life, and I will bid my children and grandchildren to do the same. Please grant me your forgiveness.”

The emperor was overjoyed to see that he was so easily reconciled with a former enemy. He not only forgave the man but promised to return all the man’s property and to send his own physician and servants to wait on the man until he was completely healed. After ordering his attendants to take the man home, the emperor returned to see the hermit. Before returning to the palace the emperor wanted to repeat his three questions one last time. He found the hermit sowing seeds in the earth they had dug the day before.

The hermit stood up and looked at the emperor. “But your questions have already been answered.”

“How’s that?” the emperor asked, puzzled.

“Yesterday, if you had not taken pity on my age and given me a hand with digging these beds, you would have been attacked by that man on your way home. Then you would have deeply regretted not staying with me. Therefore the most important time was the time you were digging in the beds, the most important person was myself, and the most important pursuit was to help me. Later, when the wounded man ran up here, the most important time was the time you spent dressing his wound, for if you had not cared for him he would have died and you would have lost the chance to be reconciled with him. Likewise, he was the most important person, and the most important pursuit was taking care of his wound. Remember that there is only one important time and is Now. The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. The most important person is always the person with whom you are, who is right before you, for who knows if you will have dealings with any other person in the future. The most important pursuit is making that person, the one standing at you side, happy, for that alone is the pursuit of life.”

Leo Tolstoy

Meme-ories August 30, 2007

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RULES:1. You can only say Yes or No!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!
3. Tag 5 people to complete the survey!

Danced in front of your mirror naked? YES
Ever told a lie? YES
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? YES
Kissed someone of the same sex? YES
Kissed a picture? YES
Slept in until 5 PM? YES
Had sex at work? YES (working at home right now)
Fallen asleep at work/school? YES
Held a snake? YES
Ran a red light? YES
Been suspended from school? NO
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? YES
Been fired from a job? NO
Sang karaoke? YES
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? YES
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? YES
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
Kissed in the rain? YES
Sang in the shower? YES
Gave your private parts a nickname? YEA
Sat on a roof top? YES
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? YES
Broken a bone? YES
Shaved your head? NO
Slept naked? YES
Blacked out from drinking? NO
Played a prank on someone? YES
Had a gym membership? YES
Felt like killing someone? YES
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse cry? YES
Cried over someone you were in love with? YES
Had sex more than 4 times in one day? YES
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? NO
Been in a band? NO
Subscribed to Maxim? NO
Tripped on mushrooms? NO
Donated Blood? YES
Video taped yourself having sex? NO
Eaten alligator meat? NO
Eaten cheesecake? NO
Still love someone you shouldn’t? NO
Have a tattoo? YES

I Tag Dad, Dan Baltzer, John Aschcroft, Hugo Weaving

Please pray for my stepmother Susan Cannell May 1, 2007

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Hey Guys, late Sunday Night my stepmother had a pretty rough fall. She tore her lip clear through to almost her nose (looked like knife wound from the movie “Pan’s Labrynth”), gashed her forehead, and hit her chin so hard that she overextended her neck and now her spinal cavity is narrowing with swelling, causing nerve issues and potential damage.

It has been proven that this forum is a great way to get a whole bunch of people praying- so please pray that her swelling goes down, and any damage is healed. She has a road of recovery ahead of her that will probably include neck surgery to address this issue as well as other chronic issues she has been struggling with.

Also pray for my Dad Steve, he has a host of heart problems and this stress is not helping in that arena. I stayed the night with him at Riverside last night- and he seems pretty frayed from the whole ordeal.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.


(btw- business and some illness has prevented me from blogging, but I hope to get back shortly)

gotta get back into the groove… March 31, 2007

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I’m back, I’m better, I’m catching up.

Lotsa stuff swirling around- so I’m trying to catch my breath.

One cool thing: Patrick Crawford has a blog now! Check it- he may even keep posting if enough of us chuckleheads start reading it. Good stuff so far.

BTW- Morrissey is coming to town, Adrienne and I are going with Grant and Rocki! There goes our dating budget.

I’m back… March 17, 2007

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**quick note- I’m avoiding people right now until my immune system bounces back and I get some more energy**

Hey guys- I hope you have been able to keep abreast of our trip on John and Jordan’s blogs.

I got a little sick when I was over there. I was so fatigued I was sleeping day and night- with about 1 or two hours of energy. I started getting really sick on Sunday while I was preaching at Narin’s church. John says I looked ready to keel over during the second service. I eventually went to the SOS clinic (closest thing to a western hospital). They gave me 4 bags of saline and gave me a blood test. My white blood cel count was at 2,000 (should be bw 7,000 and 10,000). The next day my white blood cel count was down to 1,600. The doc reccommended I wait another two weeks before flying back- but I wanted to get home quickly to my family (and western medicine). According to JMC this little Drama was my intitiation into doing work in Cambodia 😉 Meeting the kids in our orphanage and catching more vision was definitly worth all the other drama.

The flight was amazingly without drama (thanks to the prayers of all the kids in our orphanage) Jordan’s a great guy to travel with. Special thanks to Tim and Beth Koruna for making some special arrangments for us during our LA layover, and for helping Adrienne with the logistics of pickin me up.

Spent the morning at an OSU health clinic for sme blood work- praying that my blood is one the way back to normall.

I have so much blogs bouncing around in my head about the trip that I hope make it out one of these days.

Wandering and Preaching… March 9, 2007

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Check out My Cousen Jordan’s Blog for his perspective on this trip– Good stuff!

John’s stuff is here

 I am not a very good tourist. I hate to be driven around site to site. I’m the kind of guy who wants to enjoy the stuff in between sites. When I visit a place I want to feel like I know the neighborhood. Yesterday I spent an hour or so trying to make sense of my Phnom Penh map. I grew more and more frustrated.  Today I walked for 3 hours, found our orphanage, and was able to gather enough information to make my own map. I now feel like I have added a new neighborhood to my collection of neighborhoods I call home.
(I found a chinese medicine shop that sold huge jars containing cobras suspended in some strange fluid with a scorpion in their mouth!, apparently it is a kidney remedy- I migh try yo bring one back –Snakes on a Plane!)

 I showed up unannounced at our orphanage and was greeted with the site of 1/2 our kids taking noontime naps in the front lobby.  What a bunch of cuties. I also got to ride on the back of a few Motos (Honda C-90’s aka Super-Cubs) Words cannot describe the traffic chaos, but everyone is used to it- so I feel safe, but it looks insane.

 I am NOT an itinerant Preacher. I love teaching at Central VIneyard because It feels like family.  In the US I turn down most invitations to speak outside our church. It’s probably a mix between insecurity and a desire to know WHO I’m talking to so I can craft my talk accordingly.  I hatye flying blind.  I l;ike routines, maybe that’s why I rarely leave my neighborhood (43202).  So I was completely stressed out being a speaker at a key outreach led by Gospel Commission Fellowship.  My friend Narin Chey is the Pastor of this Church.  Central Vineyard began to pay his salary last year as he began planting this church.  The church is now up to 160 and has moved to two services.  Narin had the idea to have us rent out one of the primo restaurants in Pnomh Penh and hold an outreach.  He planned for 70 to attend and 85 people showed up.  It was an interesting mix of people form students to some ranking Govt. Officials.  I sat next to a Generals wife for the meal.  If any of you are familiar with the Cambodian GOvt. you will know just how interesting a scenario this is.  Narin is working hard to change his country by bringing those in charge to Jesus.  The Outreach began with John and Jordan playing worship songs together.  This was Jordan’s first time playing guitar in front of people. They did a great Job!! Jordan is one of the best people to travel with. He is willing to try and do ANYTHING.  He is a low key guy- but that is not to be confused with timmidity.  His more introverted- subversive way of connecting with people really helps to balance John and me with our more aggressive form of connecting.  We get to be a well-rounded team of not so well rounded individuals! 

John shared a short testimony about the Gospel’s ability to help you overcome fear.

I followed on the theme of fear by making everyone laugh about my fear of flying- sharing some anecdotes, including the drama involved in getting to Cambodia. The only humor that really translates is self effacement in the culture- so they got to laugh at the funny looking white guy 🙂

My talk was about the Resurrection of Christ and the Resurrection of Christ’s followers in the future- and specifically how that inspired early Christians to abandon their fear of world powers (i.e. Rome etc) and proclaim the gospel- not fearing the death that they would inevitably face.  (I Love to plagarize NT Wright) I talked about how because of the Death and ressurection of Jesus, poor and rich, powerful and powerless- can be made one community in Christ.  After I spoke Narin said some words and led people in a prayer of commitment to Christ.  Attendees filled out comment cards and 17 indicated they mad decisions to follow Jesus whgile 30 indicated they would like to get together with one of the leaders to find out more about Jesus.  wow!

 (As I write this blog john and Jordan are playing live music by the riverfront along the main drag of Mao Tse Toung Blvd.  )

 BTW- I found out that Cambodians love to mock those that drive Vespa’s.  Vespa”s are big in Thailand and Viet Nam- But the Cambodians think they are crap– That having been said- I found a 100 dollar side saddle seat for my Vespa Super for 10 bucks at the market!

Too Much To write… (no spell check- in a hurry) March 6, 2007

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Yesterday was a day where I was able to linger on the two extremes of the human story.

Spending several hours at Tual Sleng, the elementary school turned concentration camp.  Lingering over the countless pictures of people waiting to be tortured and executed by the Khmer Rouge.  I spent about twenty minutes in a room with cases of human skulls, where you could see the evidence of blunt head trauma or gunshot wounds.  I walked into the cells were the prisioners were kept- looked at the leg irons that gnawed through skin and ligament to bone as prisoners were strapped to beds and electrocuted.  All of this in the name of NO God.  People talk of the attrocities committed in the name of religion, but perhaps they should linger on the atrocities committed in the name of no religion other than the religion on self.

 Contrast that with hours of hugging and singing, wrestling and playing with the children who live in our orphan home.  Guys this place is a patch of heaven. IN a place where so much darkness abounds (human trafficing, child sex slaves, government corruption, etc) in this small house the kingdom of Jesus Christ reigns supreme. These kids are treated as God intended.  Every day they learn of the Love of Jesus at school, over home cooked meals, games, in \the new families they have found.  On the way to the orphanage we see children picking through dumpsters for scraps of food.  When I look at the smiling healthy faces of our children, It is hard to grasp that they used to be the ones looking for food in the garbage! 

 I spent a lot of time talking with Narun, the director of our orphanage- dreaming of opportunities for our Church to start another one. 

Satan has tried to destroy this country- but we are seeing evidences of Jesus taking it back. We will just need anothe 40 people to sacrifice 40.00 a month in order to start another orphanage. My dream is to bring my whole family out here. I’m sure the kids would love to stay with the kids at our orphan house.

We spent the day driving to Siem Riep. On the way we passed a 4 square Gospel Orphanage. We stopped, met the directors and were able to pray with them and leave them with a financial blessing.

I have so much more to right- but I know JMC is probably doing a much better job at it two internet kiosks over.

 Please Pray for me as I prepare for sharing an evangelistic talk on Saturday, and for my preaching at Narin Chey’s church two times on Sunday!

Getting ready to leave March 6, 2007

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Did anyone else take a fall while walking on ice today? It figures that I would mess my neck up before going to Cambodia. Tuesday night JMC, Jordy, Brooksy, and myself got together to hash out Trip details, now I’m just trying to hash out health details. Between vertigo, lower back, neck, etc problems I think I’m going to be bringing some pills with me! Your prayers would be appreciated.

I’m probably going to post a buncha videos of my family so I can watch them when I’m out of town. (I need to figure out my frame-rate issues on youtube.